Jesus Minimalist

I watched an interesting documentary the other night, it was about Minimalism. The show was intriguing and had me hooked from the beginning. But they kept saying that they had this hole that nothing could fill and it wasn't until they got rid of their things that they were really able to enjoy life. They had since left the normalcy of minimalism and were currently touring the U.S. telling people how a minimalistic lifestyle saved them. But they weren't staying in any Super 8s…

Jesus was the ultimate minimalist. He lived with people, depended on God for his next meal, I doubt you would find him changing out his tunic very often, or having to have the latest birks to shake the dust from. Jesus knew about being present, about being still, and about the life sucking symptoms of STUFF.

Before the minimalism rage I read a book by a guy named Shaine Claiborne called, The Irresistible Revolution. He is one of the founders of a ministry in Phili called, The Simple Way. He lives in poverty among the poor, lived with Mother Theresa, makes his own clothes, yada yada yada, you get the idea. (No disrespect, I just thought the phrase went well there) His theology leaves many wanting but the main theme of the book is one of servanthood, it's hard to argue that.

Then there is this book I am reading right now called, Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist. She's the daughter of mega church founder Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Community in Chicago. This book has completely leveled me and like the Phoenix of previous non presence I am rising. It is spiritual, physical and emotional minimalism all rolled into one. Not minimalism of the lazy sort and let's see how little I can get away with, but more akin to let's do everything with peace and purpose. SLOW. She refers to some closet downsizing and kitchen purging as well, but it feels light and deep and wonderful. I highly recommend this book.

Minimalism is mostly living mindful and present. Combine this with the teachings of Jesus and you've got yourself a path to peace. I am on this journey and I love it. It's why I stopped coloring my hair and wear less make-up. It's why I shop at thrift stores and love repurposing things, It's why I love budgets and saving money. I am not there yet, but this path is well trod and I am dropping more and more useless gear every day.

Now, what should I wear tomorrow?

Want to join me in this, check it out, be more wth less challenge

Check out Shauna's book here

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My kids are gone for a few days and something I am realizing is that taking care of our pets alone is a chore. I have however, created some hacks of my own which I am sure my children will be super pumped to receive lessons in when they return. It is possible to do a really great job keeping the kitty litter area nice and fresh in under 10 min.

I would much rather do a few dishes in the sink than unload the dishwasher.

I finished listening to Farenheit 451 tonight on the way home from Challenge B orientation. I say, meh. I can appreciate some of the imagery and Bradbury’s use of words, but the story itself was just odd, it didn’t flow nicely and felt cartoonish at times. I will admit however, that it could have been Tim Robbins narration that spoiled it for me. I much prefer him as Dufresne than Montag or his screeching wife or any other character in the book. I kept picturing all of the characters in 1940’s prison garb kicking around rocks.

Tonight I ate the leftover of three different meals to make one meal.


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