Transformers the movie…more than meets the eye??

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I had the opportunity to take in a new movie last night, one that just came out on DVD. This is my only real opportunity to see a new film being that “date nights” have been fewer and farther between lately. But I don’t mind, my husband always gave me hard time when I tried go to the late show in my pajama’s and slippers anyway. I love to be comfy and cozy when I am watching movies and what better place than at home in my bed.

Believe it or not I thought this was a great movie. It had action, comedy, and great special effects. The main character is Sam Whitwicky, played by Shia LaBeouf, you may remember him from Holes and “even Stevens” on the Disney channel as well a s many other notable performances. The dialogue between Sam and his parents is often times some of the best in the movie. Shias character Sam talks very fast so pay attention or just make sure you don’t have a 14 year old sitting next to you saying, “what’d he say?”, every time you laugh, I am sure that would help.

The premise of the movie is actually kinda detailed and since I really don’t feel like channeling my inner 16 year male old sci-fi buff right now I will sum-up in laymen’s terms. I’ll leave the details to the guys/gals who do it best on imdb. But here’s the jest of it: Two robot groups, the good ones(Autobots) and bad ones(Decepticons), the leader of the bad ones heads off to earth to find a super powerful cube, Allspark, that the good guys stashed to keep the bad robots from becoming worse. The war ensues when the decepticons and autobots war to keep peace on earth and keep the leader of the bad robots, Megatron from ruining life as we know it on earth.

While the plot seems young, it was neat seeing how transforming the future can be with regard to entertainment. I couldn’t help but reminisce about the grainy Saturday morning cartoon and the anthem that let you know they were coming, “Transformers, Robots in disguise, transformers, more than meets the eye”. To be real honest, I never watched that cartoon either, but I did enjoy this movie. The special effects were amazing and if you had a chance to see it on the big screen I’m betting it was quite an experience.

Ro’s rating: 8/10 popsicle sticks

Gotta go the kids are getting antsy and wanting momma off the computer.
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