Ok, a little commentary here. I read the article below and just really felt compelled to vent. We have made it to rock bottom in our society when our teachers continue to fail our children, both morally and ethically, on a daily basis. A few years back we started hearing that some teachers were having intimate relationships with their students. Today I read that two middle school teachers got into a fight in the hallway after “bumping” into each other. Now I ask you, just how ridiculous is that? Can we not count on teachers to be role-models anymore? Why would anyone want to become an educator if they didn’t have a passion for our youth, I can’t understand how this sort of thing happens. It really just makes me sick.As for these teachers, I think they should be fired on the spot and never allowed to return to the profession.

Thank God for Liberty schools, I love our teachers and the do a great job being leaders.



About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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2 Responses to THIS IS ABSURD!

  1. sol says:

    Considering that there are four million teachers in the United States, is it surprising that there are a few bad eggs? The fact that a couple of teacher getting into a fight, or a few teachers that cross the line of intimacy, make the news, should indicate to you the relative rarity of these occurrences.

    In fact, if you consider that you really shouldn’t expect more of teachers than the society that produces them, I think we are doing pretty good on the whole. (I say “we” as a teacher, though I’m an American teaching outside the US.) Looking back on my own education in a small town between 1970 and 1982, there were good role models, there were forgettables, and there were bad role models. For example, it wasn’t until I went into teaching (a second career for me) that I found out there were PE teachers whose personality did not resemble the final opening of the digestive system.

    As teachers we have to deal with the result of parents who fail their children, both morally and ethically, on a daily basis. For every teacher fighting in a hallway (2 out of 4 million recorded so far), how many teachers have to put themselves in harm’s way to break up fights amongst students? For every teacher crossing the moral line, how many have to live with the consequences false accusations that take months (or longer) to sort out and resolve?

    I could go on, but I would step well over the line of blog combox etiquette. I just felt compelled to vent.

    Enjoyed reading through your blog, BTW.


  2. rolandapete says:

    sol- point taken and I agree with your comments. I knew that someone, probably a teacher, would possibly have a few words of rebuttal. I didn’t write everything I was thinking, but I remember wanting to say something to the effect of “not expecting more of teachers than the society that produces them”, that was very well said. Thanks for your comments.

    I substituted a few times in my daughter’s elm school; those few days were so enlightening to me. I have the utmost respect for you and what you do.

    But I have to say, none of that shit went on in Walnut Grove, it is a sign of the times, and it still pisses me off.



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