Why are we here, what have we to be grateful for? IS this life more than an alarm going off at 7am, more than the daily grind, more than we have come to find it to be at the end of the day?

Who cares for us when we feel alone, when the tasks of daily life have weighed us down, when we lack the desire to reach out? Is there anyone who loves us when we are unloveable, when the monotony has left us empty on the inside?

I am sure that there is more.

I can feel more in the night, I can feel Him running through my dreams.

I can feel more in the day, when I am driving in the car and my heart beats another second.

More wakes me in the morning, and gives me reason to live.

He is more, He is the salt that seasons the already beautiful scenery around me, making it magnificent.

He is closer than a brother, begging me to be open…

to more.


About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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6 Responses to More

  1. Stephan says:

    Well said doll.


  2. Lizard Lane says:

    Amen sista!!


  3. Grandma says:

    You are a great writer…a poet…in case I haven’t told you recently.


  4. mommyrulz says:

    For me, it’s a constant struggle to remember that there is more for me in this life…that’s why I want to start cracking the Bible every day to remind me. Thanks for posting this.


  5. Me too Danielle…me too.

    Thanks mom, “The crickets rock at night”- haha



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