Well helloo people. Sorry for the gap in posts but I seem to have come down with a case of bi-polar blog disorder. That’s BPBD and I don’t think there is any medication to fix it. When I blog, I blog, sometimes twice a day, and when I don’t, I…well that part is painfully obvious, I don’t.

In reality, I have been pretty busy. Nationals went well, Mesha placed 21st out of 30 and her coaches and I were thrilled, as was she. She was worried she would come in last place, but honestly 21st for that level of competition was awesome, just getting there made us really proud of her. She dives 6 hours a week when most of those girls dive upwards of 15. She dove with future olympic athletes, no kidding, amazing diving, thrilling to watch.

We have been enjoying the weather and spending lots of time outdoors. Thanks to “Ed”, our handy dandy neighbor, we have a new pull behind bike trailer for the kids. He found us one for $10 at a garage sale last weekend! So the kids and I have been tootling around Liberty getting some exercise and checking out this whole biking thing. Today I was turning and made up some creative hand signal to alert the car in front of me that I was turning left, yeah, I don’t think he got that message. As I pedaled by he just stared at me. I am not sure what the hand signal meant but I knew I had to make one, so go figure. I had a quick class in hand signals at the bike shop a few minutes later so if you encounter us in Liberty I will be making the appropriate signals from now on. I only have to get the stink-eye once to get the point, (Mr. Perfect in the honda.) So I mileaged our distance and we rode about 5.5 miles today! And it was fun, go figure!

Otherwise, not much else going on. We weathered the storm last weekend except for a few limbs from the tree in our backyard. The flowers are all in bloom and the birds are feeding from our new feeders. I never realized how many beautiful types of birds there are in Missouri.

Oh yeah, last weekend we went to the Dave Ramsey, “Total Money Makeover” Live event at Kemper. Five hours of Dave in the worst seat you can imagine, it was mildly entertaining but well worth the information. We left pretty pumped and set to start phase II of the Peterson Family Total Money Makeover. We have the car and Stephan’s student loan left to pay off. The last phase is saving 6 months of an emergency fund and then we can have our lives back. That means no vacation, no summer clothes, very little eating out, and more thrift store shopping. Which is fine by me because I love thrift store shopping! But it is going to be a good 9-10 months of living on love and macaroni and cheese. Pray for us…

Here are a few pics from today’s adventure in bike riding and permit obtaining! It took quite a feat to get that darn permit, we had to get Mesha a new birth certificate and social security card after the adoption. She finally passed the test on the third try and my car wouldn’t start on the way to the DMV, so I had to get a jump, at home, and again at the DMV, I think I left the dome lights on last night. I was beginning to think maybe there was some reason we weren’t supposed to get it, but it’s too late now, so pray for us about that one too.;-)I think Stephan is giving a driving lesson as I type…


Mesha is thrilled to be having her picture taken outside the DMV


About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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6 Responses to BPBD

  1. Lizard Lane says:

    Wow…Congrats to Mesha for the permit and 21st in Nationals!! You go girl!! I love the bike story….ha ha. Our family is getting into the bike riding thing as well. I would love to see some bird pics if you can get them.



  2. Stephan says:

    Although she was not happy to pose for the picture before going in, she took an EXCELLENT for her permit. I’ve seen lots of IDs in my life (I used to work at a liquor store) and hers has the best picture I’ve ever seen.

    I took her driving after diving practice. She did really well. Lots of room for improvement of course, but I was impressed.


  3. must have been grandmas prep course at the lake in bethany:-)


  4. Hey Jo, that’s a good idea, I think I’ll try to get a few bird pics!


  5. Joey Peck says:

    So the Peck household is on the board with a personal computer and I can now ‘comment’ on your blogs. This is the first comment in the blogosphere and I’m nervous as I type. I secretly enjoy keeping up with the Peterson Household on here. After 3 tries at garage sales and Craigslist, Jimmy has an expensive Target bike trailer but we are loving it. He is not near as cozy as Em and O with the dog! Congrats to T on the big ID and placing! Take care.


  6. Joey-Oh I bet he is so cute riding around with momma. Looking forward to seeing your blog soon!



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