Bristol Palin, party girl at 17?


Supposedly, this is Bristol Palin. I have no proof, but this is the picture circulating on the internet right now. By now you should all know that she is pregnant. So,Lady Palin, has a few skeletons in her closet. Do you think it matters that her eldest daughter is preggers and likes to sip on Grandpa’s old cough medicine? Will it affect the kind of job she will do in the white house? What about the fact that she has five children that will obviously need her, one with special needs and another that will be giving birth soon? I’m not sure, but I think the white house position she is applying for may exceed 40 hours a week…just a guess. I’m all for shattering the glass ceiling, but not at the expense of one’s children. I am still very undecided about this one. What do you think?


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13 Responses to Bristol Palin, party girl at 17?

  1. Ms Manners says:

    I can’t believe ANY mother would put her family through this. Poor, poor Bristol. I guess the slogan is “Country First” certainly not “Family First”. Yes, this may seem sexist, but someone needs to watch out for the kids and should have been aware that all this would surface and create quite a buzz. Maybe being governor of Alaska was enough for now.

    Many teens drink and many get pregnant; it is not necessarily a reflection on the parents. However, most loving parents don’t choose to embarrass their offspring on the public stage.


  2. You have a valid point. I don’t like to think that my behavior as a teen would limit the carrer choices of my parents, but I think at that particular time, they would.

    I do feel sorry for this girl. Yesterday she was a teenage girl from Alaska, with very real problems, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Today she is an overnight celebrity, with society viewing her life with magnifying glass. She has been catapulted into the main stream media and Bristol Palin’s life will never be the same…


  3. Jupiter says:

    Well, one one hand,no one would criticize a man if he were running for office and had 5 children at home.Her husband DID quit his job afterall so that he could be a full-time stay@home parent so there is a parent devoting full-time attention to the children. I don’t care which gender that parent is,personally.

    It still doesn’t mean I like Sarah Palin (because I don’t…not even a teensy bit).


  4. I think that if her husband is willing to stay home and practice the art of child rearing and devote his life to his young children and older child about to embark on a difficult but rewarding endeavor, then great!

    But you are right, no one would be asking if she were a man, but…she’s not! Maybe that makes me sexist, but I want to know how she plans to do it all. If her husband is up for the job, wonderful. I hope he’s good at it, because sounds like even the most dedicated mom would have her hands full with their situation. But I say Godspeed to them all.


  5. mak says:

    I think she is gettinga bad rap. Anyway i saw an inetresting piece on, about a mothers role with a career is.


  6. Meridith says:

    I don’t like Sarah Palin at all. I say that as a democrat who will never vote Republican. I’m less concerned about Sarah Palin’s ability to balance career and family (whether that career is as governor or as VP) and more concerned about her extremist politics (she’s so anti-abortion that she believes that girls and women who are victims of rape and incest and who get pregnant that way should carry those babies to term) and her blatant disregard for the environment. She’s in favor of drilling for oil in a wildlife REFUGE, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (it’s supposed to be a refuge, a protected area, so big oil companies shouldn’t be allowed to drill there), and she supports a proposal to build the world’s biggest gold mine, which will pollute Bristol Bay (for which her pregnant daughter is named) and where her family has fished for years. If Alaska allows this mine to be built, Sarah Palin and her family will never fish there again because the salmon will be dead. I can’t support anyone with these kinds of short-sighted, anti-woman beliefs.


  7. kimboclyde says:

    Wow! I’m surprised at the assumptions here. We are assuming she did not have a conversation with her family and get thier input and concerns about her running for VP. We’re assuming NOONE knew she was pregnant until the announcement and that the entire town and family had to learn about it as the rest of the US did. We’re assuming she has all of these loose ends with the care of her children and that she’s abandoning her family. That’s alot to assume you guys! I think we need to give her a little time to speak for herself. Her daughters’ pregnancy was not a secret, and was known by the McCain campaign as well as Palin’s staff and the entire city they live in. Let’s not forget that Women tend to have a much better ability to multi task. At least she will have moments when she still thinks of her children while she’s in office. That’s more than you can say for a lot of men in Politics.

    Anyway, there’s too many soap boxes to stand on with this blog…

    Oil-We purchased Alaska for the Natural Resources, but by protecting the Polar Bears we cannot use them! Some would rather worry about the wildlife that might be effected than about the muslim extremists who are getting their butts kissed by the US because we need their oil. We have become a country of consumers and have nothing to offer the rest of the world. I guess I can hold my breath and hope we can start a new economy selling the pictures of wildlife that is protected and preventing us from attaining oil independence. It’s about power, let’s not forget that.

    Now to the issues that Palin is Pro-Life. Of course, I don’t have issue with it because I am also Pro-Life. BUT, to give a little perspective, I don’t HATE people that are Pro-Choice and I’m not going to berate thier character. I will not however, vote for a man that as a Senator voted AGAINST the law to protect babies that survive a partial-birth abortion from being then starved to death by the doctors who botched the abortion. You get into all shades of gray if you want with the reasons for abortion or the circumstances or the health reasons, but don’t tell me there is a good reason to let a baby starve to death the has already survived an abortion. That’s pretty black and white to me.

    I hope that after I’ve done the best job I can with my sons that I’m not judged professionally by their actions. I can’t beleive that the Left is criticizing this parent that, other than her daughter’s mistake getting pregnant, has been extremely successful and even brought down the corruption within the Republican Party in her own state. If my son gets a girl pregnant out of wedlock and in highschool, would my husband’s judgement be questioned when interviewing for a new job? I think not, would mine? Maybe. Sad.


  8. Nicely said kimboclyde, come visit anytime:-)


  9. chefmaven says:

    If their father is staying home to take care of this kids – well something is askew – who spoke to these children about birth control and abstaining from sex…

    I will be watching tonight’s convention just to see what she (the parent) says, but I find it fascinating he has yet to be touchy-feely with her versus, Obama and Biden who act like old buddies giving each other hugs when ever possible…

    Has anyone noticed McCain’s wife all of the sudden is putting on more make up and doing her best to look prettier -especially when compared to pretty Palin? – Just saying…

    Are you serious? So, now you are saying that a man is not capable of rearing a child? This from Liberal? Hmmm intersting:-) And no, I haven’t noticed any incresed gussiness, but then again, I’m not really looking.


  10. chefmaven says:

    I got to add one more thing…. if McCain chose this person even knowing all this stuff about her and her family – what does that say about the other possible choices he had – had they worse past life skeletons which would be worse than the now chosen Palin?

    I really don’t think they had any worse skeletons. Honestly, I believe the choice was quite calculated, skeletons and all….


  11. halleyobrien says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand why republicans are all about drilling. We’re in an “energy crisis” because supply is down and demand is up. True. However, supply will never be “up.” Demand will always be there. And whether we deal with it now or later, it’s not going to change the fact that oil will eventually run out.

    I don’t understand why we have to hurt the surrounding environment in the process for a “quick fix” to the supposed energy crisis. So why not pioneer a way to solve our dependence on other countries instead of wasting time on drilling?

    Even if we DID drill, it wouldn’t produce any results until many years later… after the McCain/Palin administration has already left office and screwed up our country’s future. (Sound familiar? Cough.. Bush.. Cough.)

    Americans as a whole need to start thinking towards the distant future instead of instant gratification.

    I agree. Also, read up on the Lexington Project, an energy plan set before us from John McCain.


  12. Wow. Why are Democrats supposedly so in favor of women’s rights and yet the minute a woman with kids has a chance to be in a position of power all of a sudden it’s a bad thing. Nobody squawked about Al Gore having a bunch of young kids when he was Vice President. Such hypocrites!


  13. incidefteri says:

    I’m not sure how this pertains, but ok, pretty mysterious, like scooby doo.



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