Piper Palin licks away the cowlick…awwww

Did anyone else catch this? It was super cute. This little gal is probably such a big helper. This is the kind of stuff we needed to see. I really appreciate her husband stepping up and being the kind of father and husband that can support his wife while she helps make history in this country. I thought her entire family was absolutely adorable and admirable. I am sure it was very hard for Bristol to stand up there with that baby bump and hold her fiancees hand knowing what all has been said about her in the media, but she did it, and she demonstrated poise and elegance. Kudos to her.


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33 Responses to Piper Palin licks away the cowlick…awwww

  1. Queenie says:

    You have to admit, the gesture was so exaggerated that it looked staged; and she did it right on cue. The baby barely has hair! Cute little girl who shows solid Hollywood potential!


  2. bobcats says:

    Queenie–What are you talking about? Sarah was talking and the camera cut away to little Piper doing what big sisters do. I’m afraid your cynicism runs too deep to be cured.


  3. It did seem like Sarah Palin was interrupted. She had to regroup and restate her comment. I never thought, “scripted”, and admittedly I am a cynic…I just thought, “cute.”


  4. bea says:

    i thought it was gross….and unsanitary (as did the rest of the group that watched the speech with me).

    and i’m not sure that being in a loud auditorium full of rowdy people while being passed back and forth between family members before finally being babysat by a six year old is a great way to treat any infant, let alone a special needs kid.

    Yeah, special needs kids should be at home, away from the public eye, right? And what was so gross about it, phuleez, it was a little girl grooming her brother, unsanitary, unshamitary. I still say, cute…


  5. Alison says:

    Totally, totally cute. She’s giving Obama’s little girls a run for their money in cuteness factor.

    And to the person who said it was scripted: Grow up, get a life and do some volunteer work. Your cynicism is a symptom of unhappiness and anger.


  6. Sara says:

    Bea – that kid was not “babysitting” the baby. Her dad was sitting next to her and she asked him if she could hold him and he, being a good dad and trusting her BECAUSE SHE WAS SITTING DOWN, gave him over to Piper for a little bit. Queeny, no way was that staged. Who wants their baby’s hair spit shined by a five year on national TV? No matter, the kid is very sweet and taking care of her baby brother and obviously loving him. Piper is her own person.


  7. Anne says:

    Bea, you must not have kids. I imagine the folks you watched with have no children, since that really was nothing to get bothered about (you probably think it is gross for a kid to drop something on the floor and eat it). There is nothing gross about what she did. Did your mother never put her thumb in her mouth and wipe your dirty face as a kid? Please. And the baby was sacked out the entire night. It did not look like he minded the “sugar” he was getting from his sister or the rest of his family.


  8. Gabs says:

    Since when is licking someone’s hair adorable??? ASCO.


  9. boe says:

    The teleprompter went down! That’s why she had to ‘regroup’. Anybody with kids has probably at some time or another done that to their kids hair, especially if they’re in a hurry. Piper is ADORABLE! BO reads his speeches from a teleprompter too, don’t think otherwise!
    You people are idiots


  10. Lindy says:

    No matter what people think–cute or not–it was REAL. Just like Sarah Palin is real. A breath of fresh air, and it’s just the sort of authentic non-politician politician that we need.


  11. reportanddeport says:

    A LITTLE GIRL of about 5 years old licks her hand and tamps down a cowlick and that is “staged”? OH MY GOD, the Obamessiah disciples are soooo SICK. What are we going to hear NEXT, that it was a fake baby? Are all little children of Republicans actors who do stage craft on cue? There is NO END to the sickness and vomit that the Obama cult members will spew in the name of their messiah.

    I thought the little girl was CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, and no sick condemnation of her will ever take that away.


  12. Shay says:

    I thought it was adorable! 🙂


  13. Becky says:

    I thought it was the sweetest thing. All politics aside, she is one the cutest little girls and a caring big sister.


  14. ncarnes says:

    Very cute.
    It shows the innocence and purity of Children, which too many adults show vividly they have lost.
    For those criticizing this, it shows you do not have children.


  15. larrywinder says:

    Looked real to me, but I have only raised 4 kids so what do I know.

    The real story is that the old guard Dems have something to fear in Mrs. Palin.
    An educated, intelligent, attractive, pro-life, fiscal conservative, agent of change, mother, and supportive wife.
    People may listen and think that the Republican slant on important issues has something they should consider.

    He does have 4 kids, and I think he knows what he is talking about!


  16. Frank says:

    Piper didn´t know the difference between her baby brother and one of her dolls. That´s what makes her gesture so natural and fanny.


  17. chefmaven says:

    Cute as it was… and even understandable and frankly quite loving of the child… it felt odd like she was playing doll…just saying…


  18. cybertao says:

    OMG! I not only noticed it I can’t stop thinking about how cute it was. She almost upstaged her mother as the star of the show. I can just see my sister doing this to her kids and I am sure she learned it by seeing her mother doing it and wanted to imitate her. Obviously this was not staged. Any idiot should know you can’t stage this kind of thing with a five year old. There is nothing these Obama Kool-Aid drinkers will not stoop to. They truly are sick and are ruining our country. As for Sarah, there is not enough publicity given to the fact that her teleprompter was not working. Neither was Rudy’s. Obama has good eyes and is very particular that his teleprompter is not only working, but is in a position that it is not noticable so people will think he is speaking impromptu.


  19. rstuck says:

    When I saw it, I thought why are they televising this? After how cruel the liberal media has already been to the Palin Family, I thought the last thing they needed was to see a 6 year caring for the baby…and licking the cowlick. I thought it was cute, but I knew the left wing media would jump on it. And it was the left wing media who cut away to show it.


  20. I think that her special needs infant should probably be at home asleep, as most infants that age are. Not passed around as a prop. That’s the Republicans for you. Take a political convention, and turn it into the Jerry Springer show, complete with baby daddy and all. It’s like “Knocked Up” for less intelligent folks with no sense of humor.

    No, Republicans don’t use their babies as props, we love them, from the moment of conception…

    Also, I think it took lots of guts for that girl Bristol to show up there, to stand hand in hand with her fiancee, after the media said she was the real mother of the baby, and that she was also the reason her mother should never use the teen abstinence arguement again. It must have been hard, knowing people like you would continue to say hateful things…


  21. bk669 says:

    The whole family makes my stomach turn… let’s hope we forget all about them in 60 days or so.

    Keep dreamin, this isn’t going to happen…


  22. Tipp says:

    I loved your response to Bea. Buyah!



  23. coldpassion says:

    Good grief. QUEENIE and BEA, come on now. Not only do you and your friends probably not have kids, but obviously no heart either. I’m sure Piper has witnessed her mother or older sisters smoothing the baby’s hair down with a finger that had been licked or wiping dirt of his face using the same method. How many other Mom’s have done this? I know I have. Licking the whole hand was a little extreme, but she’s just a little girl that was trying to be a good big sister. Lighten up. Staged? For christ sake! Gimme a break. As for “babysitting” she was being involved with her brother. Don’t most young children always want to “hold the baby”? They get to feel a little more grown up for a second. Babysitting is when you watch someone’s child unsupervised by another adult while the parents are elsewhere. You kind of people are really something else.


  24. It’s funny how something so pure, simple, and sweet can turn into a republican/democrat thing. This has nothing to do with party affiliation, only about a child, doing something sweet, loving her little brother, and the whole family being there, supporting Sarah Palin.


  25. meitan says:

    aww cute little angel..


  26. amen says:

    Piper’s hair-smoothing action was the pictorial hit of both the dem and rep conventions to me. I thought it was a very natural action and showed her love and consideration for her baby brother (and no, I am not a Republican).

    We should all be so lucky to have a caring big sister like Piper.

    I agree


  27. Grandma says:

    What’s an Obama koolade drinker?

    Where’d you hear that?


  28. Grandma says:

    The comment from “cybertao.” I guess it was Obama Kool-aid drinker.


  29. Sam says:

    An adorable child is Piper, obviously loves her baby brother, and as mother of 6 I have licked my fingers many times to clean a face or tidy hair & what mother hasn’t!


  30. peaches says:

    I don’t have kids and I thought this shot was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen on television. How cute is Piper?? She was loving the attention, too (on the stage at the end). I’m guessing we have another future political Palin here. 🙂

    And kudos to the entire family for standing by Bristol. I’ve known people who put their kids out for becoming pregnant young – now that’s the kind of behavior I don’t understand. Bristol has two hardworking and devoted parents as role models. I’ll bet she makes a wonderful mother and having that kind of built-in support system makes her and her fiancee very lucky young people.


  31. cybertao says:

    Sorry, Grandma, for taking so long to respond. If you happen to come back to this, a “Kool Aid drinker” is someone who blindly follows a leader without thinking. It became a common phrase after over 900 followers of Jim Jones committed mass suicide by drinking poisoned Kool Aid at Jonestown, Guyana in 1978. Prior to 9/11, it was the single greatest loss of American civilian life from a non-natural cause. My implication is that Obama has created a “cult of personality,” meaning that he has used to media to create a situation where people worship his personality, and thereby do not see that he has no substance.


  32. cybertao says:

    Typo alert – I meant “used the media”, not “used to media.”



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