I’m sitting in the garage in an old green chair that didn’t sell in our garage sale. I’m kind of glad though and here’s why:

It’s amazingly comfortable, although it lacks a certain aesthetic appeal, it’s green and brown and ripped to shreds from my cat using it as a scratching post. It reminds me of those ladies suits that were stylish in the 50’s and came back briefly a few years ago…what are those called…? Tweed, that’s it. It’s also Ethan Allen, and did I mention that it’s comfortable? Actuually, it’s the epitomy of comfort, and right now serves as the most amazing throne from which to view a late spring thunderstorm in my garage. Yeah, you’re right, I look like total white trash, and it’s awesome. Two of my neighbors just drove by and waved, wish I could be a fly on the inside of their car window, would love to hear that conversation; “Wow, hon, she looks really comfortable, let’s just hope she doesn’t get too comfy there, we have company coming next week.”

It also represents a time in my life that wasn’t so comfortable. When I was in my early twenties I was going to college and raising a little girl alone. I had a couch, one that my parents had given me, one that I remembered getting brand new as a girl, about age 5…very puffy, very floral. When the offer for a matching couch and chair came in I said great, not expecting too much, but definitely not expecting comfort or Ethan Allen. The people in my church really took care of us, we never, ever, wanted for a thing. God’s people are good people, I know you hear lots of conflicting things on the news and radio, but those people aren’t God’s people, they are pretenders. 

But I digress…as I sit in this chair I am reminded of a time when not having a lot didn’t really matter. I just wanted to pass that next test and take Mesha to the movies. We had some good times back then, her and I, and now that she’s sixteen, I think I may be the last person in the world she wants to spend time with…but such is life.  I look forward to the day when we can really reconnect. Until then I will come out here and sit, and reminisce, and count my blessings, until my husband gets tired of looking at it and hauls it off. 

I think getting lost in a moment is a good thing.


About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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