Serenity Now

Sitting on the front porch of my father’s home in Bolivar Missouri it’s hard to miss God. It’s an elevated porch hanging off a huge white house, expansive yard and huge oak trees lay out before it. It’s sunny, but the trees shade the brightest beams, every couple of feet or so you can see big spots of golden on the lush green grass, it’s like a canopy of leaves. Every bird in the area is gathered singing loudest praise with its own particular song, this place is beautiful. It feels like I am away at some kind of retreat or conference center as I read and journal this morning. But alas, the front door is but 5 feet away from me where five families and all of their children are beginning to wake, beyond the door, it’s no sanctuary, but it sure is fun.

We are all gathered here for my little brother’s graduation. He completes his computer science degree and walks this morning. I guess that means I am all grown up too. No longer do I have a little brother in college. I loved to say that, it always made me feel young.

Time sure hasn’t slowed down any for me. In fact, recently, I feel as if some cruel person is standing behind me as I sit on the couch of life and they are using the remote to fast forward here and there. It feels like just a moment ago that my seventeen year old started kindergarten, next year she graduates.

My battery is dying, and my hair needs done. I need to get a comb through it. I left my entire toiletries bag at home, the only thing I forgot, but one of the most important. I think what I will miss most is my new perfume Stephan got me for mother’s day. Oh well. I better run and try to scavenge some lady supplies from my sisters and mother.

Today, I grab the remote, intentional with each moment, and push pause.


About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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