Iphone blogging

So it seems I am without a laptop, which is ok. It fell victim to a tragic case of Winder roughhousing last weekend at my Dads. Some kind of scuffle between my brother, my oldest daughter and my nephew, and really, I’m ok with that. It’s kind of a risk you take around there with all that goes on. This morning l journal on my iPhone.

I’m thinking about journaling more and more online. I toyed with creating an anonymous blog so I could
really pour out everything but then reconsidered. This is…life, after all. No one is immune, we all suffer, triumph, and toil. It’s that very seasoning that makes life so satisfying, right?

Today is my 5 year old daughters last day of pre school. I am actually writing this from my van parked out in front of her school waiting for her program to begin. She is headed to big girl school from here and she couldn’t be more excited. Her teacher told me she’s a good student and she loves school, she will do well. In the fall, I send my oldest off to college and Em to Kindergarten. Wow, that’s goona be a fun filled week spent curled up on the couch with a bag of chips, reality tv, and kleenex. ( SEE COMMENTS )

His grace is sufficent.

Here’s an encouraging word from ‘Jesus Calling’, a little devo by Sarah Young and God:

“Every person on the planet faces the gaping jaws of uncertainty. The only antidote to this poisonous threat is drawing closer to me. In My Presence you can face uncertainty with perfect peace. “

That speaks to me. There is a lot of pain going on around here, a lot of uncertainty that I may get into later, but there is also a whole lot of perfect peace that settles my heart in the midst of it. I read an article about Harrison Ford in the back of a People magazine once. It was a profile with his likes and dislikes etc. At the bottom it asked him what was the one thing he didn’t have that he wished he did, he said Peace. My God gives Peace indescribable and unending, even when the ‘gaping jaws of uncertainty’ loom. Bask in the reality of this today, I know I will.


About rolanda

Forty-something, married to a great guy with a stellar beard, we have 3 children, 2 granny babies and super cool son-in-law. I home school my kids because I love to be around them, I hope they turn out ok. I am a pediatric nurse and I live near the Kansas City area. I like vintage things. I love people, coffee and Jesus and I also love to write.
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2 Responses to Iphone blogging

  1. liz says:

    mesha will be a senior this fall, not college. Right?


  2. ro says:

    HA! Yeah, that is correct. My husband let me know earlier. Seems as if my brain is a little foggy, lol. Let me rephrase…when Mesha goes to college, fall of 2011, Owen, my youngest, will be going to Kindergarten…but recently Stephan has got me almost convinced to hold him back a year. It will be easier on me that way:)! Yeah, MISPRINT.



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