We are the Peterson People

See these people? They are my family, none of them are perfect, but we have a lot of grace for one another. I know the picture makes us look amazing, but the truth is, we are just like you, and if that makes us amazing, so be it. The amazing picture credit goes to Brighton Road Photography.

Stephan, who I call Hubs, is my best friend. We laugh at his jokes and tolerate his click-clacking, it’s a noise he makes with his mouth that he’s turned into a moderately entertaining art form. If you run into him, like on the street, ask him to do it for you, it’ll change you, forever. He doesn’t like to have new and strange looking foods forced upon him, but for me, he’ll try almost anything. This is how he loves me.

Mesha is my oldest, my first child and what a beautiful young lady she has become. She’s a mother, wife, daughter and friend and it’s amazing to watch her bloom. We are so proud of her.

Emerie is my enigma. I still can’t believe I have a child like her. She and I are so different yet, so much alike. She is a total gem, and will probably make us very rich someday with her golden globe caliber dramatics, we’re talking producing tears just to make us laugh, the stories we will have at her wedding!

And then there is Owen, self-proclaimed, Owen Dabowen Bowen at the age of 3. I knew the first time I held him he would ruin me. He’s my only boy and I try so hard not to baby him. Luckily he has a good, strong father to counter that. He wants no less than 15 kids and he prays they aren’t all girls. He’s a smart little guy, likes to hold doors for women and has a sensitive side that melts my heart. He recently proposed to me on bended knee with some fake roses he found in my room:)

Mi Familia

Mi Familia

4 Responses to We are the Peterson People

  1. Temara says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know that I checked it out very cute I will keep checking in with ya.

    Chop Suey!!!



  2. meitan says:

    happy family ^^


  3. mesha says:

    omg mom delete this picture of meee



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